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SpaceSave: The Ultimate Collapsible Workspace

SpaceSave recently teamed up with interior designer Charlene Becker from CB Interior Spaces, who specializes in small apartments and spaces.

More and more people live in small apartments either by choice or by need and struggle to find space for an additional desk either for their kids’ homework or their own work from home requirements.

She has made it her passion to help her customers optimize small spaces. With clever lay-out design and proper space-saving products, it is possible to happily live in a smaller space without sacrificing the luxuries of a bigger house.

We asked her to tell us what she thought of the new SpaceSave FLIP n FLAT Portable Folding Desk.

‘’I am over the moon with the desk, as it offers lots of working space but then folds totally flat against the wall. As it is portable, it can either remain there, or be pushed underneath or behind the sofa.’’

What she also loved, is that it is portable.

As a professional photographer she is often on shoots. As the desk is portable and easily fits into the boot of a car, she can take the desk with her on shoots.

The SpaceSave FLIP n FLAT Portable Folding Desk also conveniently and easily fits next to the fridge, behind the couch or under the bed when not in use.

The desk is available on SpaceSave and on Takealot.

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