The guilt-free yogi bar

Welcome to the guilt-free Yogi Bar in Sandown Retail Crossing of Bloubergstrand. It is here that scholars, parents and grandparents come to indulge in delectable and locally-produced Frozen Yoghurt. The innovative Frozen Yoghurt bar ensures that this sweet treat is no guilty pleasure. Made from 100% real yogurt, that is low fat and infused with fruit and genuine ingredients, it’s rich in calcium as well as protein, Halaal and proudly South African to boot.

Yogi Bar1
Yogi Bar2
There’s something for everyone with ground-breaking flavours such as Nutella, Aero Mint and English toffee, and even a no-sugar added option for diabetics and health-enthusiast. Yogi’s irresistible shakes include: Oreo Sweetheart, Peanut Passion, Chocoholic, Plane Jane and Old Fashioned. They also serve smoothies that are simply to die for. “We wanted to make sure we cater for people that are health conscious and included options such as granitas, a non-dairy smoothie, containing fruit, ice and juice” says founder and owner Paula Demetriou. When asked about the decor, she explained, “The soft yet happy pastel colours make the shop a calm but colorful environment. We added classic elements to the modern-romantic look with the use of modern-classic furniture such as the Eiffel Eames chairs that also adds a playful element. I wanted the shop to reflect the way frozen yogurt makes one feel, soothed and happy!”
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Paula’s husband, Michael, is one of the country’s leading coffee-machine distributors, therefore, you can, on a chilly day, you can expect nothing short of the best coffee Cape Town served at Yogi Bar. The success of the brand’s first Yogi Bar in Sandown Retail Crossing has led to Yogi opening a second “bar” at Glengarry Shopping Center. So, what are you waiting for? Take a step towards the LegenDairy side of life.
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