Strawberry and Mint Sorbet

Nothing offers better refreshment that a strawberry and mint sorbet on a heated day. This delicious treat is wonderfully creamy, easy to make and a great alternative to ice-cream. Plus, you can substitute the ingredients below with anything from banana, coconut and almond to kiwi and basil, or even ginger and pineapple. Go ahead and revitalise your mind and body with this fusion of flavour. Mmmmmm mmm mmm. Brought to you by our favourite vegan and pescaterian food blog:

Strawberry and Mint Sorbet1
Ingredients (serves 1) 6 Strawberries half an apple a handful of mint couple of macadamia nuts (or any nut of your choice) Remove the tops of the strawberries and place the strawberries in the freezer (whole) and allow to freezer for at least 3 hours or overnight. Do the same with the apple (peeled and cut into chunks). Once the fruit is firm and frozen, remove from the freezer and place it into a blender/handheld blender with the chopped mint. Blend slowly until the mixture has the consistency of sorbet. Serve the sorbet topped with chopped nuts. Recipe via    


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