Spring cleaning with GLAD

Spring is almost here and there’s nothing more satisfying than kick-starting the season with a little spring cleaning. Organise your home efficiently with some helpful tips from GLAD.

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  • GLAD’s range of refuse bags will help you de-clutter your home. Why not try out these colour coordinated ideas for the home and office?
    • GLAD’s Green Stretchable Strength ForceFlex for items to be recycled or given away for charity
    • Strong black GLAD Refuse bags for the traditional throwing away
    • Fabulously citrus fragranced, white GLAD Tough and Strong bags for storing items until next winter
  • Place heaters in GLAD ForceFlex for storing, dust-free and protected for next winter
  • GLAD Wavetop bags are large enough to store toys, household appliances or clothes and shoes that you won’t be needing this season.


  • GLAD’s range of Zip Seal bags are perfect for organising every room in your home and beyond
  • In the kitchen:
    • Use the GLAD Resealable Storage range to store pantry items such as pasta and flour – write the contents and date on the white label – easy to see and read
    • If you have glassware that you keep for special occasions only – wrap each piece with GLAD Wrap and put away in the cupboard – protects and keeps them clean
  • In your study:
    • Store instruction booklets and guarantees in GLAD Zip Seal bags for safe keeping and easy reference
    • Use GLAD Zip Seal Resealable Snack Bags for paper clips, rubber bands and bits and bobs
    • GLAD Sandwich bags are the ideal size for storing photographs
  • In your garage:
    • If your garage doubles up as a place for storage, use GLAD Wrap to protect framed art, Zip Seal bags for screws and bolts and the like

GLAD makes life a little easier. Available in the GLAD aisle of most supermarkets. Please visit www.glad.co.za for more information.


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