RECIPE: Greek Yogurt Olive Oil Cake + Orange Blossom Glaze

Even this picture alone makes me want to slice up a fat chunky piece and sit alone devouring it crumb by crumb, and you can make it possible too. This easy to make Greek Yogurt Olive Oil Cake with Orange Blossom Glazed looks deliciously moist & crumbly.

“This cake is a love letter to summer; it’s full of flavours that go along with the end of the season,” says Gabriel from Baked The Blog. Her ode to the season comes in a form of decadent and desired dessert, and we want to be sure our readers who try baking this cake ad share how it went, because it looks like such a treat.

Greek Yogurt Olive Oil Cake + Orange Blossom Glaze1

Recipe, styling & photography by Gabriel @ Artful Desperado for Baked The Blog


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