How to Organise a Carefree Summer Picnic

Beautiful sunny days with clear blue skies are becoming more and more frequent as summer approaches. With such lovely weather it would be a shame to stay indoors! Nothing quite sums up the summer spirit like finding a lovely picnic spot and sharing tantalising food and drinks with special friends. That’s why Franke put together a simple checklist to help you plan the perfect picnic get-together without breaking a sweat!

Your Carefree Picnic Checklist: 1) Picnic blanket Get out that long-forgotten blanket and shake off the dust! If you plan on having an all day event and aren’t prepared for that morning or evening dew, then all you need to bring is a black garbage bag that you can place under your blanket. 2) Pillows Bring along some old scatter cushions or pillows that you don’t mind getting a little messy and add that element of comfort to your picnic. 3) Cooler bags and reusable icepacks If you want to spend the entire day outside, its best you don’t ruin your picnic by having your food go off. 4) Sunscreen and hats The South African sun can be unkind! You’ll be as red as a tomato before you know it if you don’t bring along some form of sun protection. 5) Wet wipes, hand sanitiser, serviettes Eating on the floor is no excuse to be uncivilised! 6) Mosquito/bug repellent The last thing you want is a day occupied by itching and scratching. Don’t let those nasty little creatures ruin your fun. 7) Paper towel, cloths Making a mess when picnicking is inevitable! Paper towels and cloths are essentials. 8) Drinks Keep hydrated with these quick and easy recipes: • Home made Lemonade: This is a traditional favourite for the relentless summer heat. • Iced Coffee: Get your caffeine fix without over-heating. 9) Food Hassle-free dishes are the way to go when it comes to picnicking: • Apple, cranberry and chicken wraps: Spice up your wraps with this unique combination of ingredients. • Strawberry and Feta Salad: Be adventurous with your salads and try out this array of wonderful flavours. 10) Dessert Make your picnic a memorable one with these scrumptious desserts: • Dessert kebabs : This ingenious idea will make the perfect picnic treat. • Banana Toffee cupcakes: You can never go wrong with cupcakes, especially when you add toffee into the mix! 11) Plastic packet When you finally decide to call it a day, it may be a good idea to keep all your rubbish in one place so you don’t end up with a messy surprise come home time. A little bit of preparation and planning beforehand will allow you to fully enjoy your time outdoors and let you simply focus on savouring your mouth-watering meals with your friends or family. Contact:Franke


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