GLAD: December Time is Family Time

Ah, December! The year is coming to an end, and the New Year is around the corner along with new opportunities. Hopefully you’ll be taking a well-deserved break from work. Whether you are travelling or staying at home, always keep your trusted GLAD products handy to make your life simpler.


  • Taking a road trip? GLAD Zip Seal bags are great for storing boredom-busters like snacks, toys or pens and pencils. The large Zip Seal Freezer Bags can hold A4 paper and colouring-in books. Keeps kids happy, and the car neat.
  • If you’re planning on hosting play dates, use GLAD Zip Seal Snack Bags for kids’ treats and party bags to make the day go smoother.
  • GLAD Press‘n Seal makes for a wonderful placemat when the kids are fiddling with arts and crafts, to keep surfaces clean.
  • Keep the cardboard tubes from empty GLAD Wrap, GLAD Bake & Cooking Paper or GLAD Press‘n Seal rolls for the kids to transform into great hand-made puppets with a little glue and imagination!
  • Store all your old clothes and handbags in a GLAD Refuse Bag with Forceflex Bags, then bring them out for kids’ ‘Dress Up’ days.
  • Use GLAD Zip Seal Snack Bags to hide and protect special treats for a back-yard treasure hunt – keeps the ants out and the treats clean!
  • Get the kids outdoors by planning a picnic in the garden. Use the GLAD Zip Seal Range to store all food items – remember to keep wet and dry food groups separate. Take GLAD Forceflex Refuse Bags with to pack away any dirty cups or dishes so the picnic basket stays clean.
  • GLAD products can be found at almost every store nation-wide.



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