Eco-friendly tableware

If you’re looking for disposable, eco-friendly tableware… look no further! Lardiere is proud to introduce the Wasara Range to South Africa, a set of elegantly designed, compostable, single-use dining utensils. The cutlery is made from 100% natural bamboo, both light and of sturdy quality and is perfect for picnics and functions such as weddings.

WASARA products fit comfortably in the hand and each fork, knife, and spoon has a slit which allows each piece to securely attach to a plate, bowl, or cup. Maru plates by WASARA are available in 3 sizes and are suitable for cold or hot foods, and are oil- and water-resistant; great for displaying food- and non-food items.

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For the complete WASARA line, offering the best in Japanese design visit their website here



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