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Sep 23, 2015

Delicious South African Recipes

Delicious South African Recipes to Serve Your Guests this Heritage Day Heritage Day is a day for South Africans to celebrate their diverse culture with their fellow comrades, and let’s not forget it’s a day to indulge in absolutely delicious, local South African food. Enjoy the perfect Heritage Day Braai, by checking out these traditional South African recipes from Franke . Bake up a homemade storm with these South African bread recipes These yummy recipes are the perfect side to complement the main course. • Roosterkoek – Traditionally baked over a braai, Roosterkoek are balls of dough that transform into warm toasted rolls. • South African Mealie Bread – This South African recipe adds a wonderful sweet and savoury flavour to your braai.


LEFT: Roosterkoek RIGHT: South African Mealie Bread

  What’s a braai without a delicious, mouthwatering marinade? • Sticky Short Ribs – This sticky marinade recipe, with hints of ginger & soy, will have your guests begging for more and what better meat to pair it with than yummy pork ribs. • 100% pure South African Braai Marinade – You’ll love the 100% South African ingredients used to create this tasty marinade recipe. Local is always Lekker. • Peri Peri Chicken – Spice up your braai with this South African Peri Peri chicken recipe. The marinade definitely comes with a bite, so be warned.

LEFT to RIGHT: Peri Peri Chicken ,100% pure South African Braai Marinade and Sticky Short Ribs

If you find a tantalizing dessert hard to resist, you’ll battle with these South African desserts, it’s near impossible to resist them. • Koeksisters – Definitely for the sweet toothed, Koeksisters are packed with gooey, syrupy goodness. • Melktart – The smooth, creamy South African Melktart is the perfect dessert to ease the palette. • Malva Pudding – Who can resist a warm Malva pudding drenched in ice-cream. Serve this to your guest and enjoy watching their delighted faces with each spoonful.

LEFT to RIGHT: Koeksisters, Malva Pudding and Melk Tart

Enjoy our wonderful South African Heritage by indulging your guests in one or all of the recipes above from Franke. Happy Heritage Month South Africa.

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