6 of Franke’s favourite cooking tips

6 of Franke’s favourite cooking tips to help make your time in the kitchen wonderful. Tips and tricks that can save us time and help make our stint in the kitchen wonderful are always well received and eagerly tried! Below are 6 of Franke’s favourite (and most useful secrets) that will keep your loved ones guessing as to which cupboard you’re hiding your personal master chef inside!

Franke’s favourite cooking tips
1. Freeze butter and grate it into a container then put place it back in the freezer. This is an easy way to avoid those painful butter clumps whilst you’re baking as the butter melts much faster. 2. The next time you have any extra sauce left over from a recipe, whether it be some tinned beans or your special homemade tomato puree, pour it into an ice tray and freeze it so that you always have a sauce ready to go. 3. Rather than reheating your pasta in a bowl in the microwave, use a plate and separate it into a donut shape. The space in the middle will allow the pasta to heat up evenly 4. Tired of lettuce going soggy in a salad? Lay a paper towel over the top of the salad bowl before you cover it in cling film. This will absorb the moisture and stop the lettuce from wilting. 5. Rather than using ice cubes to chill down your favourite beverage use frozen grapes instead. The grapes add all of the chill and none of the taste diluting water. 6. If you’re tired of your fresh herbs going brown before you get a chance to use them, try freezing them in an ice tray filled with olive oil. These flavored, frozen fantastic cubes allow you to quickly add depth and flavour to any basic meal. Don’t forget to share these 6 cooking tips from Franke , so that your favourite friends can enjoy the wonderful benefits too.
Food Styling by Adam Pearson / Recipe from What’s Gaby Cooking.


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