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The Tile House: If Walls Could Talk, They’d Say Cladding!

Natural stone is as old as our existence and looking back over history, stone has literally built modern society. Stone cladding is simply stunning.

As the stone cover or coating on a structure, cladding can be done using anything from large rocks to a more practicably thin layer of stone that is applied to a brick and mortar wall. Stone cladding is found on the elaborate facades of the Colosseum in Rome. At The Tile House, natural stone cladding is the perfect environmental and aesthetic feature on offer for any modern building.

From Romans to Royals

Traditional stone facades are costly, and due to the weight of the stone it’s time consuming to build. Natural stone cladding has the appearance of a solid stone wall and the benefits of being cost-effective. Beautiful Stone Stone cladding is an ingenious way to effectively transform large or small spaces, both exteriors and interiors. Whether it’s an outside barrier wall or inside feature, The Tile House has just the right stone for your space. Maintenance-Free Cladding brings a building to life. You can frame a fireplace, make an entrance a feature, or create a stand-out wall. The best part is that cladding is low maintenance. Throw away your paintbrushes, as there is no need to ever paint your wall again! Unlike paint that chips and fades, cladding is resilient to inclement weather conditions. For the optimal benefits of stone, cladding walls need to be prepped and cleaned before prior to the cladding. Shortcuts don’t work, so ensure that the job is done properly. Happiness is Cladding Natural stone cladding ticks all the boxes. It looks good, is a weather and sound barrier and lasts forever. Stone cladding is enduring and offers exciting possibilities. Visit The Tile House and see their magnificent range of natural stone cladding. Contact: Tile House

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