The right answers to wooden floor treatments


Many of us have been blessed with the beauty that is wooden floors. Whether inherited, installed or maintained, having wooden floors is like an oak barrel, letting it mature with age as it lives on. In saying that, it also means finding a maintenance method that allows the flooring to last.

There are always inquiries about the best ways to restore a natural wood floor to its original beauty. Both commercial or domestic properties need floor treatments that make the wood last, look good and keep it clean.


FloorworX offers straightforward solutions that include the Bona Bronze, Silver and Gold Floor Treatment Program. The Bronze Treatment is a new, effective way of keeping floors beautiful and bringing dull wooden floors back to life in an instant. This quick revival results in excellent results for floor renovations, and the floor is ready to be walked on after as little as half a working day.

When using the Bona PowerScrubber machine with the specially formulated Bona Deep Clean Solution, the wooden surface is effectively deep cleaned, so even the toughest dirt, grime and scuff marks are removed. The floor is then ready for a fresh layer of polish, oil, or Bona Wax Oil Refresher and Bona Freshen Up depending on the type of finish. The floor will look close to new, in just a matter of hours. When the top layer of a wooden floor’s protective surface is slightly stained or showing light scratches, the Silver Treatment can effectively restore its original beauty. It is an excellent alternative to a full renovation, with less downtime and cost. High-performance Bona Diamond Abrasives are used to prepare the surface by removing scratches and wear.

The perfectly smooth sanded surface can then be recoated with Bona Traffic HD, giving the floor a new layer of durable protection with perfect adhesion to the layer beneath. So now instead of a daily or weekly chore you insist on to ensure your floors keep the strength and look they started with, now you can restore your floor’s beauty and prolong its lifetime overnight. Stay up to date with all the flooring trends with FloorworX  



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