Selecting the perfect rug for your home

Have you ever wondered how to choose the perfect colour, pattern, size and texture of a luxury rug? Rugs do more than just cover the floor, they can be used as the foundation of a decorating plan, offering creative and inspiring ideas for other elements of the home. Above all, the rug you choose should reflect your personality and bring a sense of comfort into your living space. Rugs can be an investment both visually and financially. It’s a tricky business trying to find the right one to finish a space to perfection. The wrong one, on the other hand, can make a room feel awkward or unfinished. Choosing the correct kind of rug is as much about the way it looks as the way it feels underfoot. Be sure to make the colour work for you, the quickest facelift for any room is colour. It can be used to make a small room appear larger or create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort or even just to reflect your personal style. If you already have a lot of colour and pattern going on in a space, you might want to opt for a single-coloured rug, such as a a neutral or a shade which complements your existing furnishings. A rug can be regarded as one of the largest pieces in a space, so always take into account the tones in your flooring, walls and other finishes when deciding. Still, don’t play it too safe: a boldly patterned or brightly coloured rug can be just the ticket to lift a room to the next level. Here are some more helpful tips from Casarredo: Colour Tip 1 If you are decorating a newly constructed room, you may want to start with the floor and build your colours around the carpet. The colours in your carpet can inspire the rest of our colour scheme. Colour Tip 2 In rooms with lots of pattern and texture, it’s best to choose a solid-colour rug. That doesn’t mean your choice has to be neutral. Using an accent colour from a fabric or curtain is a great way to pull your look together. Colour Tip 3 Use paler tints to lighten up a dark room. Soft, cool colours also help make a small room seem spacious. Colour Tip 4 Neutrals create an atmosphere of quiet warmth. The definition of ‘neutrals’ in today’s times are more than just beige. Look at taupe, grey, khaki, sage green, sandy yellow, and grey-blue as great neutral alternatives. Colour Tip 5 Mixing colours can provide a feeling of height. Use the darkest shade on the floor, the next shade on the walls, and the lightest shade on the ceiling The power of pattern in luxury rugs If you want a patterned rug with many shades, it’s generally easier to choose it first, and then add in furniture and accessories that coordinate with it. Like colour, pattern is a powerful decorating tool with boundless potential. It can be used to stretch the dimensions of a room, define areas within your home, or to reinforce a room’s character. The most important rule with pattern is to choose a theme and build from there. Rugs in floral, stripe, and geometric patterns give a room instant personality that can spark a decorating approach. From there, you can choose furnishings and accessories that work in tandem with the shapes and colours. Mixing patterns can be tricky. Remember, if the patterns are related by form, colour or texture, the mix is more likely to succeed. What size is right? A rug should fit the size of your seating area (which is not necessarily the entire room) and be as large as possible within it. Ideally, all the furniture will be on the rug, but front-legs-only is a good and common compromise. The idea is that when sitting on the sofa, your feet are on fabric, not on the floor. Under a dining table, you want to be able to pull the chairs back and still have them sitting on the rug. When the seating area takes up the entire room, you also have to think about orientation: square rooms look better with square or round rugs, and rectangular rooms with rectangular rugs oriented in the same direction. Add texture to your floor with luxury rugs Texture is all about how something feels when you touch it. Be it soft, silky, bubbly or smooth. In fact, everything in your home makes a textural contribution—including your rug. This is probably the most overlooked aspect when choosing a rug, but it shouldn’t be. A room with a mix of different textures feels rich and layered. Kids and pets with investment rugs Since pets, like children, are prone to accidents, you’ll want to make sure your rug cleaning is an easy task. Multi-coloured patterns and Persian rugs are an excellent choice if you have pets or small children because they mask spills as well as everyday wear and tear. For more on how to choose the perfect luxury rug, contact Casarredo.



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