Rugs Original: 3 Top Tips To Selecting An Outdoor Rug

Inside or out, a rug can be a great focal point in a design scheme that can also complete a room! Outside, a stylish area rug can add much-needed warmth and comfort to enhance your outdoor living spaces.

We take a look at some of the modern options available from Rugs Original and we also share a few great ideas for decorating with your choice of outdoor rugs!

1. Size matters

When it comes to the layout of your outdoor entertainment area, your selected rug should be an ideal size. Too small and your furniture may feel lost, as if they are floating and disjointed in your space. You want your rug to act as an anchor for your outdoor furniture. As such, it needs to be the right size so that your sofa or chairs can neatly be anchored on your rug or at the minimum, the front legs of your seating should comfortably rest on your rug.

2. Materials are key!

If your rug is to survive outdoors, your selected materials should be both durable and resistant to the elements. Synthetic fibres are most common as these are typically resistant to mold and mildew – essential for easy maintenance in an outdoor entertainment area.

Always inspect your choice of rug before purchase and ensure that it meets the criteria for life in the outdoors – it should be hardwearing, resistant to mildew and the harsh UV rays of the sun.

3. Colour and Patterns

Add your own unique flavour with a colour or pattern that you find appealing. A bright rug can add a touch of charm and playfulness outside – something that may be much needed for the summer months.

If you’re looking for the perfect accent rug for your outdoor area that will provide both warmth and the complete finish, then take a look at the vast range of outdoor rugs options that Rugs Original have on offer. All rugs are treated for outdoor use, and are UV stable and mildew resistant, giving you peace of mind for your outdoor entertainment area.

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