The odor dude: Tips to clean your carpet

We get a lot of queries from our community asking how to best keep their carpets clean, specifically from pet urine odor. It’s one of those tricky things, owning and loving a pet, as well as accepting the by-product of their road to being domesticated. Here, Craig from The Odor Dude gives his top tips for removing odours from carpets.

Find the source of the stench Here is a unique yet effective way to locate the source of the odor: cats and dogs are experts in finding other animals urine spills and they will take you to the exact spot. They will most likely find areas you did not locate when you were smelling the floor. So all you need do is place a dog or cat in the room and watch where they go. This is a great way for removing dog urine odor from carpet. Make sure you have your piece of chalk ready to go and where ever the cat or dog starts focusing on, mark that spot with your chalk for treatment. You can guarantee there will be feces or urine residues there that you may have missed. Use the odor neutraliser the right way When using a Pet Odor Remover, we see a lot of pet owners who typically sprayed the product onto the area that needed treating, when in fact the product either needs to be poured on or a deep spray achieved from a commercial odor sprayer. So here are some tips on how to use a Pet Urine Odor Remover the right way: Leave the product to soak in and then extract it. The extraction method is an insider secret that works extremely well. Basically you have a wet vacuum with good suction, and some diluted odor removal product. You flood the area and let it soak in deep to break down the contaminants. Then you extract it with your machine and before leaving pour on some full strength odor removal product and leave it in the carpet to continue working. The right product for the right purpose A lot of pet owners use a general-purpose disinfectant when their animal urinates on the carpet or furniture. A disinfectant does not contain the correct components for removing dog pee smell, yet it is the most common mistake we see from dog owners. What disinfectant does serve to do is kill bacteria efficiently. A carpet deodorizer does not contain enzyme based or chemical based odor neutralizers so therefore will not neutralize urine. It does however typically contain disinfectants and deodorizers which provide a temporary solution for urine smells. A professional odor neutralizer typically is tested on old urine and is designed to break down the residues. Look for white foaming Because dogs tend to pee in several places, identifying the areas is critical to success. Products that foam on contact are very useful for this purpose. All you need do is spray some of the foaming odor neutralizer on the carpet or furniture and look for white foaming to indicate a contamination. This is how professional dog pee odor removal companies do the work.
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