Natural Stone Warehouse: 6 Great Ways to Use Stone in Your Outdoor Decor

It’s not surprising that stone is a popular choice for landscaping and outdoor decor. A organic element, stone blends naturally into outdoor settings while offer a strong, durable material that requires very little maintenance and upkeep! You can choose to use natural stone or a more budget friendly faux stone veneer; either way, the opportunities are endless. Here are some fantastic ideas for incorporating stone into your outdoor landscaping plan. 1. Create a backdrop for the water feature you have always wanted. 2. Building a feature wall in your backyard is a perfect way to add privacy and create a completed space. Your neighbour will be envious. 3. Stone is a natural choice for stunning outdoor buildings, like alongside the pool. 4. Outdoor kitchens are a must if you spend any amount of time entertaining outdoors in the summer. Choosing stone over traditional cabinetry means less worry about root, mould and water damage. 5. A fireplace feature is both stylish and functional, adding warmth and light to your outdoor living area, allowing you and your guests to enjoy it later into the evening. 6. Finishing touches can completely transform a space, inside or outside. You can use stone for finishing touches like planter boxes and pots – or use stone to accent columns and pillars. See how Natural Stone Warehouse does it:

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