The distinctive aesthetic of mosaics

One thing we are sure about with mosaics is that they have a never ending style. Their distinctive appearances are so unique, depending on how they are arranged and have become a great option for building the exterior of your spaces. Mosaics will often be used to create a statement in your home. With an extensive assortment of handcrafted glass mosaics in a startling array of brilliant colors, you are sure to find something to make a statement and express your homes unique personality.  The current popular mosaics are those of a natural feel and look and bring a modern twist to the trending environmental style. Douglas Jones has researched and developed the nature of mosaics and seen that their creativity and innovation ensures nothing other than the best. Mosaics can bring beauty to once-lifeless spaces and their colour, material and ultimate design provide additional texture or revamp a wall into something that feels breathable. They are not just trending around bathrooms, but around fire places, kitchen splash-backs, shelving and statement walls.  


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