KBAC flooring launches luxury vinyl tile

The soaring demand for luxury vinyl tile (LVT) in the South African flooring market, has prompted leading flooring supplier and installer, KBAC Flooring, to launch its own LVT brand. KBAC’s Vanguard Collection, which will cater for both residential and commercial markets, has several innovative top-of-the-range features such as hand scraped embossing, and planks of up to 1,5 metres in length. The Vanguard Collection features three ranges: * Nature’s Look – a heavy-duty residential LVT. * Plantation – a heavy-duty commercial LVT. * Woodlands – upmarket heavy-duty LVTs, earmarked as KBAC’s ‘flagship’ range. The new range is made from virgin vinyl which eliminates the potential health hazards of recycled PVC. The Nature’s Look residential range will feature eight colours, all with a natural wooden look. The Vanguard Collection’s heavy-duty commercial range, Plantation, is also available in eight wood colours and the planks are about 1.2 metres long and 189mm wide. All colours will feature registered embossing – another ‘first’ for KBAC in the heavy-duty commercial LVTs it offers. In registered embossing the LVT wear layers follow the pattern of a wooden surface, to visually create a realistic, wood-grained effect on the entire floor. To cope with the heavier traffic in commercial applications, Plantation has a 0.55mm thick wear layer.  

Contact: KBAC Flooring Western Cape  or KBAC Flooring Gauteng


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