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Find Your Decor Crush For Every Season At WOMAG

Do you prefer your home to be your sanctuary, filled with soothing, restful colours and textures? Or perhaps you’re a lover of the dramatic – wanting to be surrounded by warmth and vibrancy all day?

International trend forecasters are predicting colour palettes on completely opposite ends of the spectrum for 2019: from restful milky ice-cream colours with a new retro flavour and a seventies twist teamed with gold and brass accents; to elegant, graceful interiors boasting shades of teal, grey flannel, burgundy and inky blacks; all the way through to energising colours such as spicy reds, blood orange, rich cappuchino, sumptuous chocolate and tart greens that invoke memories of the foods we love and crave.

Up-to-the-minute bathrooms will be sporting monochromatic tiles and textures, such as all green or all marble, or even bold black throughout. High drama will reign in guest toilets with exaggerated patterns and layering coming through strongly. While marble never goes out of style, white and grey marble is the ‘it’ look for both kitchens and bathrooms this year, and luxe marble slabs or terrazzo – on both walls and floors – will create a plush, seamless look.

Kitchens will be updated with tiles in unusual shapes – with hexagonal tiles being all the rage – and no shortage of colour, often in an artful combination of complementary or high-contrast hues. Or they will embrace the abstract canvases painted by Mother Nature by incorporating natural stone and marble beyond countertops.

Fortunately for design-savvy South Africans, WOMAG’s ranges are inspired by and closely follow the latest international looks. Famous for marble tiles and slabs with exotic names like Verde Guatemala and Blue Cintilante, WOMAG also stocks tiles in every finish, colour, shape and size imaginable.

Oren Sachs, Managing Director at WOMAG, says that the company has decades of experience and understanding of the local market, having been South Africa’s preferred supplier of premium quality natural stone tiles and surfaces for the past 25 years. “We’re exceptionally proud to be able to guide our customers through the hottest looks and textures to best suit their style, budget and needs – while at the same time offering looks that will work for years to come.”

Find inspiration and more for your home from WOMAG.

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