#DesignOfTheDay: Radiant rugs from Fibre Designs

We are totally sold on these beautiful hand-made woollen rugs from Fibre Designs. Pierre Antoine founded the company in 2009; since then, it has grown to become a most prestigious purveyors of bespoke rugs. With an emphasis of craftsmanship and quality, Fibre Designs has been commissioned by ABC New York (the world’s largest retailer of rugs), as well as retailers in Spain, the USA and Brazil. Further commissions include the up-class Ravenswood Manor in Cape Town. Antoine’s talent and passion for design and special understanding of technical hand-woven textiles makes for a formidable combination. Today, Fibre Designs is a creative hub for homeowners, interior decorators and architects alike. Fibre Designs’ magnificent rugs provide colour and comfort, acting as focal points in any space they grace – ideal for inspiring an array of design elements within any scheme. The company’s ability to transform the age-old technique of textile weaving into contemporary rugs of the finest quality is what sets it apart from its competitors. Each original textile in the brand’s exclusive range is crafted by top weavers who use only the finest yarns and hues. Be inspired here.

Fibre Design1

 Shopping List: 

1 – 5)  Natural Flatweaves 6 – 7) High Atlas

Available from Fibre Designs


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