Choosing the perfect area rug

A carpet or rug can make or break a space, so always remember to take a few things into consideration when selecting a brand rug carpet for your interior:


1. Less is more, more or less The famous rule “less is more” rule applies for most interior settings. If your space is already quite busy – visually speaking – then tone things down with an understated or matt rug. However, sometimes a room can feel a little too stagnant and may need a seriously eye-catching accent to highlight the beauty of the room. If this is the case, turn up the aesthetics with a bold pattern or statement-making rug.

2. Colour contrasts are cool Don’t be afraid to introduce a burst of colour for a fresh new look in neutral spaces. Instead of reaching for a rug that’s a similar colour to your existing interior, stray a little out the comfort zone and opt for a rug that really pops against its backdrop.

3. Size matters When it comes to rugs, dimensions are important. Are you looking to fill up an area or just highlight part of it with a smaller circular shaped rug? These are some pointers to consider before you make the final purchase. Round rugs are great in bathrooms while rectangular and square rugs are better for lounges.

4. Think texture One of the most overlooked aspects when it comes to selecting a new rug is texture. A room with a variety of textures feels rich and layered. Let the finishes of your existing furniture guide you in the right direction. If your seating features soft fabrics like velvets then something more hard and sisal like might be the best solution. On the other hand, sleek looking sofas in leather do well when paired with gentle or fluffier styled rugs.

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