Cemcrete Cement Flooring

McDonald’s is undergoing a process of redesigning and have opened their first new look store just in time to celebrate their 20th year of existence in South Africa. We take you on a tour of the new look, trendy Meadowdale branch featuring Cemcrete cement flooring. We all remember our first time at a McDonald’s and they form a big part of our family memories, as well as current experiences. The first McDonald’s in South Africa was opened in November 1995 and today they have over 200 restaurants throughout the country. McDonald’s have managed to stay up to date with the latest trends in restaurant design with their redesign; making fast food a trendy and enjoyable experience. McDonald’s have decided to a new three dimensions approach to their expansion: menu changes, store renovations and a new ordering experience. Typically, fast food restaurant design is made to get customers in and out the door quickly, but this McDonald’s makes you want to stick around and not only for the free Wi-Fi. The new look is refined industrial featuring cement floors, wood, exposed brick, tin, steel furniture, charcoal grey colours and exposed ceilings. A big improvement from the traditional plastic finishes. Some trendy design features added to the store includes a big subway-inspired map and Banksy inspired graffiti on the walls. For the flooring Cemcrete‘s Colour Hardener in a bespoke colour was used, adding the perfect casual yet trendy vibe to the new design. Cement finishes are not uniform in colour, this adds to the adaptable earthy aesthetic of the finish. The nature of a cement finish lies in its application and physical properties, as the finish is applied, so its moisture is absorbed at different rates into the substrate. The final outcome is a finish with natural mottling and subtle movement.

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