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Top Carpets and Floors: Up Your Game with Water-Resistant Technology

Is it even possible – water-resistant hardwood flooring? Water and wood seem to be contradictory, but our friends from Top Carpets and Floors have investigated the latest trends in water-resistant technology which is ideal for the modern home.

Choosing the right flooring option to complement any interior design can often be one of the most challenging tasks. Costs, style, effects or continuation can be limitations imposed by the various floor coverings. One of the greatest challenges is often the disruption the installation of a new floor can cause to a household. This especially holds true when the floor sought needs to flow throughout the whole house. The challenge of installing a floor in a wet area such as a bathroom excludes the majority of floor types with LVT (luxury vinyl tiles) being one of the only options available. The problem with LVT’s, however, is the condition of the subfloor which necessitates expensive floor prep and long delays in the final product being installed. This disruption has put off many a customer and caused a lot of frustration. Recent developments in water-resistant technology of high-end laminates have turned the industry on its head. People desiring a wood look and feel throughout their living rooms and into the bathroom areas have jumped at the introduction of these new technologies. The main reason for this is the benefits that laminates actually hold over other floor coverings. Gone are the days where laminates sounded like cheap MDF boards as the new high-density core boards deliver a much more natural sounding effect when walked upon. The insulation provided by these laminates is still one of the best floor coverings to keep your ambient temperature stable within the house, making it feel warmer in winter and cooler in summer. One of the most positive benefits of these high-quality laminates is its ability to be installed over the majority of existing floor coverings without the high expense of uplifting or screeding as the boards deliver excellent dimensional stability.

One of the products imported and exclusive to the Top carpets family, Luxury Swiss Liberty is unparalleled in its performance. The water-resistant technology was developed in Switzerland and is the only product which has a warranty that covers daily mopping with a promise that it won’t swell more than 8%. With its 35 years domestic and 5 years commercial warranty it is now possible to extend the floor through the whole house even in the previously prohibited areas for a beautiful wood look experience.

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