An original Persian rug like no other

Hertex recently introduced another astonishing Persian rug to its growing collection; the Devore rug is like a good bottle of wine which gets better over time. As the rug is weatherd and worn over the years, it gains character and becomes even more majestic than before. The “lived in” quality of the Devore rug is the result of an overdying technique which is fast becoming a popular trend. Original Persian rugs are perfect for homes, offices and hotels alike. Just like the ancient method of palimpsest, whereby text is scraped off of paper so that it can be reused, the Devore rug gets washed and faded to create a blank canvas for overdying. Colour takes to the original woven patterns and shows off the unique motifs and textures in a fresh and contemporary fashion. The artisanal technique of hand-knotting that is true to Persian rugs, makes them extremely durable and able to last for generations. Only the well-preserved carpets are chosen for this specific use, ensuring authenticity without compromising on quality. This process is a complex one which involves many skilles hands and takes up to forty days – ensuring that each rug is a piece of original artistry. The Devore fuses old and new. The outcome is unexpected but truly inimitable. Hertex will be selling a limited amount of these exclusive imported additions; don’t miss out on purchasing one for yourself.




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