Poetry: For the elegant woman

How to be elegant with Poetry

We’re all a combination of style characteristics.
That’s what makes personal style, well personal.
How you dress is the outer reflection of your personal style and your behaviour usually speaks the same language.
..{ elegant behaviour }..

~ She must have self-confidence.
~ There’s a graciousness to the elegant woman.
~ She is polished and refined.
~ She speaks softly and listens with quiet attentiveness.
~ She has a warm smile for everyone. She is kind.
An elegant woman looks people in the eye when they’re speaking to her.  She doesn’t rush and acts as though every conversation she has… is the most important one of her day. You have her full attention when you’re speaking to her.

She is perceived to be highly intelligent.  


An elegant wardrobe requires the art of self-restraint.  The guidelines for an elegant wardrobe are simple and need not be expensive:
~ Uncluttered looks with clean simple lines. No over abundance of frills and extraneous details.
~  A comfortable, neutral color scheme that is not overly bright or jarring in its contrast to ones own inherent coloring.
~ Beautiful tailored clothing that fits the body with a natural ease for movement, neither too tight nor loose fitting.
~ Quiet, well-bred accessories that do not overpower the woman. Loud, ostentatious jewellery or accessories  are the antithesis of the elegantly dressed woman.
~ She chooses clothing in the finest fabrics she can afford. Cashmere, silk, linen, the softest cotton and wool.
~ The focus is on the woman. Clothes and accessories never eclipse her.

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