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Sep 28, 2014

Missibaba Boombox Project

Prominent creatives team up on youth charity design initiative In celebration of World Design Capital 2014 Missibaba designer Chloe Townsend and partner Lizel Strydom embarked on a project that saw some of the South Africa’s leading design talents come together to raise funds for creative youth projects. Feeling the buzz of WDC2014 energy around them, Chloe and L izel wanted to find a uniquely Missibaba way of bringing the central theme of ‘Live Design. Transform Life’ to life. The duo approached a diverse mix of creatives with the intention of harnessing the power of collaboration. Each person was given the unprinted leather panels for a Missibaba BOOMBOX bag – the brand’s iconic large weekenderstyle. The bag’s large leather panels form the perfect canvas for creative expression and design exploration. As an overnight hold all, the bag is substantial insize and has a luxurious look and feel. The panels were prepped according to each participant’s specific medium before being shipped off to studios across the country. The customised panels were then returned to the Missibaba studio for assembly. Event-Images1 Proceeds from BOOMBOX Project bag sales will be donated to SHIFT, an organisation dedicated to empowering youth and rural communities through the transfer of practical skills for social, environmental and economic wellbeing. Committed to collaborative practices, SHIFT applies their experience of human-centred design to ensure that voices are heard and needs met through their work. SHIFT aspires beyond sustainability – aiming to achieve prosperity by design. The Missibaba BOOMBOX Project design represents the diversity of South Africa – woven intricately together. Chloe and Lizel used the idea of collaboration as a starting point and chose to weave their panels together using an explosion of textures and colours. The Mbala BOOMBOX (Mbala meaning colours in Xhosa) is made up of hand-woven leather panels in different width leather strips and a multitude of rainbow colours. The bag is trimmed in black/navy veg tan leather, which ages incredibly beautifully. A simple black graphic diamond lining was selected so as not to detract from the glory of the outer shell. Event-Images2


Aisha Redpath Treppo


Cameron Platter


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