Hook it up: Cool crochet fashion

Prominent female DJ by night and talented crochet pro by day, Lili Vermaak is the founder of two business enterprises; Lili’s Crochet and Hook it up . Her beautiful designs are crocheted by hand with love and talent to keep you warm during winter and fashionable during summer.

hook it up_crochet top_beach
hook it up_crochet top
Lilis crochet_1
Lilis crochet_4
Start creating your summer wardrobe with one of Lili’s trendy crochet tops or bikinis which are available in many sizes and an array of colours to suit your personal taste. Hook it up, Lili’s most recent endeavour, boasts a number of plush items including adorable beanies, scarves, ponchos, leg warmers, funky gloves, playful hats and bottle holders. Take a peek here.
hook it up_beanie
hook it up_crochet 2
hook it up_crochet 3
hook it up_crochet_1
hook it up_crochet_scarf
hook it up_gloves
hook it up_hats
hook it up_leg warmer 2
Hook it up_leg warmer_2
hook it up_scarves
Browse the latest products at: Lili’s Crochet & Hook it up.


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