Fashion tricks for your next tropical destination

Getting out to exotic destinations will always be something thats hyper elegant, but if you really want to glam it up, you wi ll need to have the right vacation wardrobe for it. The problem with packing, though, is that you only have a certain amount of items you can bring without incurring major airline fees. Next time you are hitting up a tropical hotspot, make sure to use our surefire fashion tips to get the most out of your vacation wardrobe.


  • Grab at least one versatile dress. If you are expecting to hit up fine dining in a tropical resort, you may as well dress the part. A nice maxi dress works well for this, especially if you choose to bring along some nice accessories to match it. That being said, having at least one long dress will be a smart move for resort goers, exotic location shopping aficionados, or ladies who want to check out a cool tropical night club.

  • ALWAYS pack a swimsuit, even if you think you a re only going to be hiking through the mountains or walking on the beach. As much as we want to say this is an obvious trick that everyone should already know, many of us still don’ t listen to this bit of advice. A good two piece swimsuit will not only ensure that you can lounge at pools and spas, but also can make it easier for you to put together a nice b all terrain outfit for days where you want to explore the wilderness.

  • Never underestimate the importance of a good pair of shorts. Shorts can turn into elegant casual wear for the beach in a pinch, but also are excellent for hitting up nightclubs as long as they are paired with a cute top. If you are going to be exploring the tropics for at least a week, grab at least two pairs of shorts to place in your luggage.


  • Always bring at least one pair of comfortable shoes. Now is not the time to test the waters with shoes that you literally just bought. Sneaking in a pair of trusty, sturdy flats will allow you to feel comfortable on vacation, regardless of where you go. If you are looking to enjoy life in an upscale resort, getting a pair of comfortable heels is also a good idea. It i s important that you pack shoes that you ha ve already worn for extended periods of time, simply because you dont want to be stuck with shoes that feel fine at first, then later turn into painful, blister-inducing nightmares.

  • Match the tropical vibe with colourful tops, dresses, and accessories. Almost all the tropical regions of the world have certain popular colours in common. Bright yellows, blues, greens, and reds are almost always seen in these regions. If you want to really feel close to the local culture, make an effort to pack clothing that will be bright, colourful, and lively. Some who have chosen to wear fashions that are more attuned to the local atmosphere have claimed that it helps them get in the vacationing spirit, and at times, it can also help bring you closer the local culture.

Lastly, anyone who is going on a vacation in the tropics should opt for clothing that is light and made of breathable material. The tropics are infamous for hot, humid weather, and not keeping this in mind when you pack your bags can lead you to a heat stroke. Luckily for vacationers, most light materials are easy to pack, and also are easy to wear. As long as you dress appropriately, you should expect a very good voyage ahead.

This post was written by Regina Due: A fashion aficionado who empowers men and women through her fashion tips.

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