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Aug 11, 2015

ASK US: Fashion advice from Julie Despraz of Closetclique

Kick start your winter wardrobe with some valuable fashion advice from style guru Julie Despraz of Closetclique. This weekend, the questions came pouring in as part of our new ASK US feature; inspired by the advice columns of the yesteryears, our digital Q&A category will assist readers in combating design challenges pertaining to the home or wardrobe. View the Q&A’s of the day below: Ask Us1

Q: At 45 years old, I don’t feel like five-inch stilettos or wedges are appropriate but when I wear kitten heels I feel like an old lady. What is the right height for my age?


A: Super-stylish shoes in extreme heights can be a bit much; instead, opt for a funky pair of sneakers with a hidden heal or a pair of leather boots – truly a lifetime investment!


Q: Prints are my passion. Is mixing them reserved for the young or the young at heart?


A: Great style is ageless, and pairing vivid prints like florals and ikat can be modern and ultimately age-appropriate. The trick here is to make sure that there aren’t too many colours; blue neon with pastel pink and neon yellow is just a NO-NO ! Rather go with softer colours.


 Q: I’m 35. Can I still sport all those festive socks I saw on the runways?


A: Socks… They’re an endless source of disagreement. If you’ve always loved them, carry on, but always consider the occasion. They’re not ideal for serious business meetings, for example.


Q: I’m in my 40s, and my leggings are a wardrobe staple. Should I be wearing real trousers instead?

A: Leggings are a great staple, regardless of age. It’s not how old you are, it’s how you wear and what you pair it with. Be clever with your outfit and pair legging with a long shirt dress for a stylish result.


Q: At what age should you stop wearing short shorts?


A: City shorts which hit above the knee are perfect for any age, as long as they are paired with a smart menswear shirt and cute pair of pointy wedges. Just remember, confidence is key!

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