An outfit for Christmas day

A once a year holiday should always be celebrated in style. Whether it’s casual, artistic or glitzy is not the concern, but rather about how to feel confident and comfortable with your family, friends and/or peers all in the same space. Whatever you choose, it’s always great to pick a stand out outfit to celebrate the coming of a new year and an excuse to celebrate you.

Stardust Salon 58
So choose a mood and go with it. Opt for the stylised pyjama-looking set for a sanctuary of looks, a flattering jumpsuit for a party atmosphere or a tuxedo or velvet garment specifically tailored to your measurements, no one matters more than you this season, so do what makes you happy. If you’re unsure of what kind of look or trend you’ll be drawn to most, do what we do: fall in love with all the mood boards we’ve created throughout the year and choose a look or feel that best suits your attitude. For just the right kind of sass, try a pleated skirt or trousers. Metallics are great if you want to feel like a glittered queen for a day or snuggle into a knitted jumper to bring the innocence. If you’re looking to make a statement, sequins are your best bet, or even an embellished accessory or cape could give the decadence you’re looking for. Catch the lights at the Christmas party or revel in the ones at home. Whatever your choice of inspired look is worn, enjoy the outfit you’ve chosen.
Image: StarDust Salon 58
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