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Dec 2, 2016

Ambra Fine Jewellery takes wearable art into a new dimension

Ambra Gambale, a conceptual artist and jewellery designer, came to the fore in 2013 with Skullchemy, herstriking and unusual series of bronzed and silvered animal skulls. Playing alchemist, Gambale worked with various combinations of bone, diamonds and 18-carat gold accents to bring an element of macabre fantasy to the South African art and decor world.
 In the three years since she has focused on jewellery and crafted several collections that are exquisite but no less unusual or magical. All her pieces fuse function, innovation and magic, and the results are as otherworldly as her Skullchemy skulls.
Gold and ebony rings feature lustrous rose gold offset by hard, sealed ebony wood. The necklace is designed to accommodate any number of charms or to be worn as is and making the diamond-encrusted clasp pendant the focal point of the piece. “Much of my work is inspired by dreams, sometimes they inspire a theme and sometimes a specific piece of jewellery. I also draw on literature, particularly magic realism. Often a sentence or even a word evokes a feeling which is then transferred to or transcribed into a piece,” says Gambale.
All of the works boast a curious undercurrent of magic realism with recurring themes that combine motifs from nature–labyrinths, dragonfly wings and hexagons–with elements of fantasy drawn from the pop surrealism movement.”My jewellery is fit for any woman, the bold, the brave, the dainty, all those who dare to dream. I have several older clients who want something that is not the typical diamond and tanzanite jewellery as well as 20-to 30-year-olds looking for a piece to capture a beautiful memory that they will treasure and be able to pass on,” she says.

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