7 Beach Must Haves

This December, take the time to lounge on the beach with a good book in hand or soak up the sun while catching a few waves. There’s nothing as refreshing as a holiday by the ocean. We’ve put together 7 must-haves for trips to the beach this summer. Be inspired to spruce up your wardrobe with items to suit the season, so you can make the best out of the great weather.


7 Must Haves for the beach this summer:

  1. A killer bikini or swim suit to compliment your shape and style.
  2. A sun hat to protect your precious face.
  3. The perfect flowy maxi skirt that’s as comfortable as it is stylish.
  4. An oversized beach bag for all your goodies.
  5. A white blouse to keep you feeling crisp and cool even when it’s blazing hot- and to prevent sunburn, of course!
  6. Your favourite pair of slip slops for casual strolling.
  7. Chic sunnies to mirror your own personal look and shelter your eyes from the harsh sun.

Happy holidays!


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