5 winter fashion essentials

The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting colder and there’s a definite chill in the air. There’s no doubt that it’s time to whip out your winter wardrobe and pack your summer dresses neatly into storage for the time being. For some, getting into the groove of the chilly season always proves a bit tricky. No matter, here are 5 winter fashion essentials to ensure that you look and feel your best when the cold fronts hit.


  1. A perfectly plush poncho. No winter look is complete without something warm and cosy to bundle up in. Kimono-inspired ponchos boast an Aztec like beauty and are available in an array of colours and patterns (and sizes!) to suit all. You can also substitute this with a jersey, cardigan or winter coat for more professional occasions.
  2. Your beautiful beanie. Keep your head covered with a snugly beanie or wool beret in a tone that complements your complexion and outfit.
  3. A snugly scarf or snood. This is a must-have on very chilly mornings. Keep your body temperature up by covering your neck with a thick scarf or snood (scarf with a hood). Not only do these garments look great, they feel amazing too.
  4. On with the uggs. Despite a few fashion gurus who deem the unrivalled ugg dead, we have a different opinion completely. Uggs are versatile and can double as casual footwear for going out or slippers when around the house. Real uggs are made from 100% sheepskin and are waterproof to boot.
  5. Ravishing red lips. For some reason, red lips seem to pop more than ever on gloomy winter days. Brighten up dark looks with a dash of matt red lipstick or gloss. Whether you opt for red verging on pink or a deep crimson, it’s entirely up to you! The sultry effect is sure to add warmth to any get up.


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