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WHATNOT: An Eco-Friendly Approach at House of Canvex

Established in 2020, The House of Canvex is a relatively young brand that brings together a collective of creative and passionate individuals with a wealth of industry related experience. In this creative collab, WHATNOT teamed up on this new venture with a print company supplying high quality printed signage and banners. Together they would explore the possibility of printed fabrics, and House of Canvex was born.

“As a team, we want to disrupt the interior textile industry by offering the flexibility to fulfil custom design orders on a small project basis or commercial scale without delays and risk associated to holding large stock levels.”


An Eco-Friendly Approach

Environmental sustainability is no longer just a buzzword. Ethical manufacturers such as House of Canvex are subsequently challenged to find a balance between providing consumers with high-quality textiles and doing so in an environmentally sustainable way.

This is why they’ve painstakingly developed 4 revolutionary rPET base cloths. These subsequently offer a range of applications. From upholstery and curtains to cushion covers and outdoor furniture. They furthermore provide a quality and ethical solution for both the mass and high-end markets.

What we found to be the most exciting part is that these bases are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. This is therefore a fully integrated and sustainable group of South African companies that create numerous jobs. From the plastic bottle collectors, to the staff at the recycling, weaving and digital printing plants. This is subsequently an entirely eco-friendly approach to business.

For more information visit  Whatnot Fabrics

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