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5 Wallpaper Trends That Will Enhance Your Home Decor

Delicious Interiors, interior decorator specialists in South Africa, bring five top wallpaper trends that are sure to enhance your home décor.


5 Wallpaper Trends That Will Enhance Your Home Decor

Here at Delicious Interiors, we firmly believe that wallpaper and good home décor go hand-in-hand. Wallpaper is a simple way to completely elevate and enhance your home décor. While it’s usually a good idea to be wary with trends, wallpaper is the one trend that you can easily play around with as it can easily be replaced!

Bold Wallpaper with Botanical Prints

For the last few years, we have seen botanical prints everywhere! From pillow cases to artwork to curtains, palm leaf and wildflower designs have been extremely prominent. Bring the jungle into your home by a bold wallpaper in a botanical print, which would look great in the lounge or bedroom!

Subtle Gradients with Two Tones

A slow fade from turquoise to cream, or perhaps from a soft pink to lilac? We have seen gradients all over the fashion and beauty scene, with ombre hair and nails being ever-popular. We recommend sticking with a two tone gradient wallpaper as to avoid going over the top. The gradient effect truly has a peaceful and tranquil quality about it.

Metallic for Glitz and Glam

Bring over that gold foiling! We are all about that glitz and glamour that metallic wallpaper brings. This flashy trend has the power to take a room to new heights as it catches the eye of every guest. We love wallpaper that is not fully metallic but that has metallic designs. If there is some sort of texture to it, even better!

Monochrome for the Love of Black And White

For the love of black and white! Not so much a trend, as a home décor classic staple is monochrome wallpaper. This classy look remains in style and can be taken to new heights through modern and geometric prints. This trend is perfect for those who want to try incorporate wallpaper into their home décor but are a little nervous.

Combination Wall Paper for Something Different

When there are so many wall paper options to choose from, why only stick with one? This year, wall paper combinations are all the rage with combinations truly becoming endless. Whether it’s different shades, patterns or colours, putting two or three wall paper combinations together can really up the home décor look and create focal walls which stand out.

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