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The Silk And Cotton Co Presents New Wallcoverings from S. Harris

S. Harris is expanding their range of handcrafted wallcoverings with three bespoke stunners now available from The Silk and Cotton Co. Each skillfully made paper utilizes a unique painterly technique featuring thick artist’s pastes that are hand-troweled and scraped to reveal sculptural layers of texture and paint. You can check artwork off your to-do list. 



Named after an ancient Mongolian tribe, this wallcovering channels the time-worn techniques of hammering and inscribed metalwork used by the Hunna.


One of several tribal nations that comprise the Pueblo people of the American southwest, this handcrafted wallcovering is created by layering a series of paint colours and thick pastes onto a foil ground, then carefully scraping away the thick surface to reveal the colourful layers underneath. The result is a textural dimensional stripe that appears to have aged over time.


Name after a time-honored masonry method where stones are dressed or cut into uniform shapes, sizes or surface appearances, held together with or without mortar. The uniform trapezoid motifs are laid out in a random staggered layout that fit together like perfectly fitting puzzle pieces exemplifying a truly modern and contemporary wallcovering.

Find this latest range locally available from the Silk and Cotton Co.

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