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Spotlight: Whatnot Fabrics

A ‘whatnot’ is a 19th century corner cupboard, found widely in homes across Europe to hold crockery, vases, trifles and, well, what-not! Much like the ‘whatnots’ of yesteryear which fit into, and were a necessity in every home, today’s Whatnot fabric and leather has a place in every home too.

Whatnot is a leading supplier of fabric and leather to the interior design and contract market across South Africa. Sandie Barbour launched Whatnot Fabrics in 1998 with the vision of sourcing and supplying well priced, locally made, natural fabrics. The market’s appreciation for her aesthetic and friendly service led to rapid growth in the business and her husband Jonathan joining at the helm.

With a foresight and savvy typical of the duo, premises in the Kramerville Design District were secured in the late 1990’s. Jonathan and his growing team of loyal staff have consistently delivered on the original vision whilst introducing the innovations in the range necessary to keep abreast of market desires. Whatnot’s variety of colour and finish in leather is legendary and the range of available game skins and Nguni hides well appreciated.  The fabric selection, whilst still boasting a natural feel, is complemented by a selection of well curated patterns and prints, and are now available in a variety of compositions to suit many applications in the home, corporate or hospitality setting. The offering is further enhanced by the inclusion of a range of artisanally made furniture.  Tables, cabinets, consoles and custom items are all available in various colours and finishes. For a range of fabulous fabrics, leather, homeware and furniture, be sure to visit the new website at www.whatnot.co.za. Here you will find a selection of quality products to suit just about any area within your home. Available in Cape Town from Desire Lines

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