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Halogen International: Using Plains To Warm Up Your Space This Winter

Often overlooked as boring, plain fabrics are the obvious choice when it comes to refreshing, changing and adding to your home décor.

Halogen International prides itself in selecting useful, quality, purposeful plains for every space and need. In winter they can be used to create warmth and make you want to come home and cuddle!

Shiny or Matt, smooth or textured, velvets are now washable and create a plush and luxurious look wherever they are used. Think throws and an inviting warm sofa to snuggle up on.

Halogen International has the following on offer in this luxurious trend:

Quartz – R447 ex vat per m | 138cm wide | 100% Polyester | 50 colourways
Emerald – R718 ex vat per m | 140cm wide | 97% Polyester | 50 colourways
Touch – R481 ex vat per m | 140cm wide | 100% Polyester | 24 colourways
Cube – R416 ex vat per m | 140cm wide | 100% Polyester | 27 colourways

Texture & texture-look
Textured plains add interested to any room and can be used for headboards, upholstery and even an oversized beanbag.

At Halogen Internation you will find the textured-look making a comeback with:

Marseille – R297 ex vat per m | 138cm wide | 95% Polyester | 32 colourways
Heaven – R297 ex vat per m | 142cm wide | 100% Polyester | 18 colourways

Quilt plain fabrics to add dimension and softness. Quilted fabrics can be used for upholstery or even a cosy throw at the bottom of a bed.

Get the look with Halogen International:

Quilted Shetland & Touch – R879 ex vat per m | 140cm wide | 100% Polyester | 4 colourways

Who can resist corduroy? It makes us think of home and gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling! Use it for beanbags, headboards, upholstery.

In 20 colourways, you will find the following at Halogen International:

Sorrento – R363 ex vat per m | 142cm wide | 92% Polyester | 20 colourways

Felt and wool look
What better way to create warmth than to use fabrics that look and feel like wool. They are soft and welcoming on a cold day.

Get the plush look at Halogen with:

Shetland – R465 ex vat per m | 145cm wide | 100% Polyester | 25 colourways

Say no more! The Andrew Martin – Berkeley Collection – is your ideal choice here. Price on request

*** All prices are retail and exclude VAT ***

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