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Halogen International Welcomes Passion Flower and Garden Stripe

Halogen International is proud to present the latest fabric offerings from UK brand Titley & Marr – bringing the freshness of nature to our interiors with Passion Flower and Garden Stripe.

Brighten up your interior with the freshness of florals and vibrant colours to add energy into your home. This stunning new fabric is designed from a delightful watercolour painting – printed from life and adapted into three seasonal colourways.

Watercolour textures, inspired by the printed flowers are used to produce the complementary design, Garden Stripe, and a beautiful Strie Stripe in a woven cotton completes the collection. They come in three stunning colourways to compliment the Passion Flower. Textile Designer, Titley and Marr have over three decades of industry experience, having been founded in 1984.

They believe in the quality and feel of the product, which is at the heart of their business. Every seasonal collection is designed in-house with styles inspired from traditional documents from across the globe, recreating imagery and colourations that suit modern day living environments. Printed and woven fabrics made of textured yarns, wools, velvets, linens and cotton, combined with a mix of natural colours and rich vibrant hues predominate the collections.

Passion Flower and Garden Stripe are no exception. The beauty is found in the intricate detail of each design, perfectly capturing the essence of nature and bringing a natural freshness to interiors. Passion Flower encompasses extraordinary architectural flowers, shown in their glory, in three full-blown colourations- inspired by the colours of Spring, Summer and Autumn. Halogen International remain on trend, distributing fabrics and wallcoverings from top international fabric houses, and wholesale stockists to the interior design and decor trade in South Africa. Contact: Halogen International

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