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Fabric Bank On Sustainable, Digital Fabric Printing

Some of the keywords in design this year include sustainability, going digital and supporting local. We chatted to the team from Fabric Bank about their take on these latest trends and what we can expect in the world of fabrics in 2021 and beyond.

2021 is considered to be the kickstart for a sustainable and digitized future. Would you agree?

I do agree with this statement. With regards to sustainability, people are becoming more and more aware of how and why products are made. What carbon footprint do the products leave? How do we better our surroundings and environment? It is really important that designers become aware of the changes they can make towards a better and more sustainable future. Big or small changes, every bit counts.

Digital does seem to be a hot topic of 2021. For us at Fabric Bank, digital means quicker, more personalized service and a shift to creating a stronger online presence. We feel that with the ‘new way of living’, online shopping, app-based service etc has accelerated sales and shown how diverse your market truly can be.

The EARTHY ABSTRACT collection can be found under our in-house VAULT collections

Are we seeing a trend towards sheer and natural tones in 2021? 

Natural and earthy tones are definitely on the cards for 2021. They never get old.

What sorts of fabrics should we look out for 2021?

We are crazy about our artist collections here at Fabric Bank. Each artist offers a unique and meaningful collection of designs that add a personal touch to any type of interior setting. Check out the ZAR Collection with homegrown artists from South Africa.

Are natural fabrics always better?

Not necessarily. We have in fact developed a series of polyester decor fabric bases with a local mill, designed purely for the digital print industry. These fabric bases are made from recycled plastic and offer a variety of unique textures. Not only do they look beautiful but they are functional too. Depending on the fabric weight, rub count is perfect for contract grade applications. We feel that it’s important to be aware of how your fabrics are made and where they come from. We love the fact that we are able to recycle plastic and transform it into a beautifully printed functional fabric.

What colours, styles and textures can we be on the look for?

We are all for contemporary African inspired design. This genre is so diverse and unique and we love to work with artists from all different cultures and backgrounds to curate a one of a kind Fabric and Wallpaper offering for our clients.

Do you have any tips on mixing colours and patterns in the home?

Be bold in your choices. Mix small textured type patterns with large bold prints to create an interesting and inspired space.

The ACE OF HEARTS collection designed by Seboni aka Sir Abner , boasts a beautifully curated set of designs in warm earthy tones that showcase his unique style and design aesthetic

What fabrics do you carry at Fabric Bank?

We print all our ranges per custom order. Our clients can select the fabric or wallpaper base they prefer, we set it up to their specifications and digitally print once all is approved. We offer decor as well as fashion-based fabrics. On the wallpaper side, we have a beautiful canvas texture and a new wide width media that allows one to print their wallpaper in one full piece ie. zero joins. (This is provided their wall height does not exceed 3m).

When did you first know that you wanted to become a fabric/wallpaper supplier?

I initially studied interior design but eventually gravitated towards the designing and manufacturing of products for the industry. I’ve always been passionate about design and creating and when the opportunity came around for me to start my own company, I didn’t think twice.

What is something that most clients don’t understand or appreciate about textile design that you wish they did?

I wish they understood the entire process and time frames to get things done and done right. Especially in SA where resources are limited.

How has the fabric and textile industry evolved since you became a part of it and what do you see and hope for the future of it?

I feel that people are starting to see the benefits of what we can do within the industry. We allow for local production. We get artists involved with the process and show them new ways of diversifying their artwork/content. We allow for shorter print runs and less commitment to stock of pre-printed fabrics and wallpapers. We are slowly starting to redevelop local manufacturing.

We hope to grow this business to a point where we can export all our wonderful designs to the rest of the world.

The PEAHENS collection by the artist , author and social entrepreneur

We hope this interview inspires you to think differently about the fabrics and wallpaper you choose in future. For more visit Fabric Bank and check out their local and global collections online.

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