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Dreamweaver Studios Presents The Latest Graphic Collections of Wallpaper

Under the slogan “Variety is the spice of life” Patricia Bustos Studio launches her first collection of wallpaper from Tres Tintas. Conceived to inspire interior design in a professional manner and for its application in restaurants, bars, hotels, shops, offices, exhibitions and fairs, the latest graphic collection offers a look of distinction and style. Now available from Dreamweaver Studios in South Africa.

2020 has seen our lives in a spin; days are dizzying and confusing, light and frivolous and full of challenges. The only sure answer will be DIVERSITY and authenticity.

ARCH design from the @tres_tintas_barcelona DIVERSITY collection. Now available!


We are not sure of anything but we believe in what we see, guided by intuition. We push the limits with the only certainty that something else is possible. New sites await us and a better version of ourselves exists. We live with our feet on the ground, but we try to touch the stars.

In an era where we are hyperconnected and the hacking of our own brain is a reality, we must keep a radar as diverse as possible, as complex and complete as possible to survive and be happy.

PIXELS…. comes in either Murals, panel or roll. From the DIVERSITY WALLPAPER COLLECTION @tres_tintas_barcelona

The aesthetic proposal is a song to DIVERSITY and freedom. Immerse yourself in a universe full of different patterns. Polychrome geometries, natural motifs, light reflections that illuminate our path and handmade drawings. A complex collection for our reason, but simple to feel with our heart: the only guarantee of success.

We must aspire to the different and the exceptional, taking advantage of tradition, but giving it a new look. If you adapt, you do not evolve. If you change, you grow. And to change, nothing better than approaching diversity. In it rests the balance. In it lies the true creative spirit.

PIXELS…. comes in either Murals, panel or roll. From the DIVERSITY WALLPAPER COLLECTION @tres_tintas_barcelona

Bright and airy, playful and light – the new collections are a joy of colour and pattern, now available from Dreamweavers in South Africa.

PIXELS…. comes in either Murals, panel or roll. From the DIVERSITY WALLPAPER COLLECTION @tres_tintas_barcelona

Dreamweaver Studio

Make the right choice for your space with the latest graphic collections. The team from Dreamweaver Studio can offer advice and guidance in design and with the best technical characteristics, including wallpaper offerings that are fireproof, washable and resistant to sunlight.

Clients such a various hotel groups and international distribution have already decorated their walls with their personalized and exclusive wallpapers.

CAPSULES MURAL from the DIVERSITY wallpaper collection @tres_tintas_barcelona

For more visit Dreamweaver Studio.

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