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Break the mould with Earthform and Mica from Halogen International

Contemporary fabrics are the best way to update your space with the latest trends without breaking the bank. 

Earth-inspired fabrics and decor accessories are a tribute to cleaner living and a return to nature. Indoor greenery, rustic raw materials and warm colour palettes are dominating the interior decor world and for good reason. In an ever-increasing technological world and with dwindling natural resources, our need to respect the Earth is more important now than it ever has been.

The best way to encourage this attitude is through expressing the vastness of the Earth’s colours, forms and textures.

Halogen International not only supports sustainable textile production which aids the preservation of our beautiful planet, they are focused on interpreting trends in a usable and modern way by offering the best brands available in the textile market.

Among these brands is Kai, a fabric house inspired by land, sea and tree. With a vast range of contemporary and unique fabric ranges, the two that stand out for us is Earthform and Mica. The neutral colour schemes and swirling patterns of these collections speak to Mother Nature in an interesting exploration of form and fit.


Citrine, amethyst  and moonstone are a few of the enticing colours available in this collection. A tribute to earth’s bountiful natural gems and stones, Earthform represents swirling rock formations and fine ferns embedded in a strong fabric with glittering and glamorous metallic hues. Reminiscent of fossils that tell age-old stories of the Earth’s tumultuous beginnings, Earthform honours the sway of the land over time and ultimately, our humble origins. Expect dusty opalescence that can be paired with raw timbre and melting marble.


Plush velvets present in two distinct designs with a luxe elegance. Copper, flint and onyx speak to the depths of underground mines where precious metals are discovered and  reformulated into functional and opulent finishes. Subtle yet supremely glamorous, Mica represents rivulets of molten lava that display the unnerving strength and power of nature’s main goal: to redefine itself time and time again in bountiful metallic shimmer. Enhance the sheen of this collection with darker feature walls and vintage finds.

Both Earthform and Mica are available within the Kai Collection from Halogen International. Visit their website to see more of these enticing and earth-inspired fabrics. 

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