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Crevin: Converting Textile Waste Into New Fabric

Did you know that millions of tons of textile waste are produced annually? In fact, the problem is so widespread that every second, the equivalent of one garbage truck of textiles is believed to be landfilled or burned globally. As an industry, more needs to be done to impact change, and one company at the forefront of sustainability in the textile industry is Crevin. 

Crevin believes that good design should be in harmony with the environment. That is why recycling is at the heart of their creative process. They convert 100% of their textile waste into yarn that is used together with recycled cotton and pet bottles to construct the back-weaves of their fabrics.

A commitment to zero waste fabrics

Every year the Crevin mill produces tons of waste through the many processes involved in vertical textile manufacturing. Using a closed loop process, all leftovers are then collected and converted into yarn that can be reused for new fabric. In this way, no waste is generated.

Every phase of the production process, from design to weaving, knitting, finishing, cutting, quality control and sample making, generates offcuts, yarn leftovers and fabric scraps. These materials are collected and sorted by colour, then compressed into large bundles and sent to a local spinner. There the materials are shredded into fibres before they are re-spun into new yarn.

During the process no chemicals are used, nor is the recycled fibre mixed with virgin fibre. Once back at Crevin, the recycled yarn is applied to the back-weaves of new fabric. In this way, every bit of textile waste from production is given a second life.

“Crevin is committed to creating fabrics that help upholstered furniture turn into lasting objects of value. We believe that good design should at all times reflect purpose and function, and resonate style with timeless relevance.”

Locally, Crevin products are available through TSF Textiles, who are the exclusive distributors of the brand in South Africa TSF Textiles share a commitment to the promotion and development of truly sustainable textile products.

TSF Textiles is a value-adding wholesaler of Premium Interior Textiles which acquired Tessa Sonik Fabrics as a going concern in 2020. Their products adorn hotels, luxury homes and offices all over the world, where they work with the best interior design professionals, architects and furniture producers through meaningful collaboration expressed as design excellence.

Find out more at TSF Textiles and Crevin.

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