Tessa Sonik exhibits Continuum at Decorex

We recently went to take in the rush of fresh energy and creativity in Tessa Sonik’s new collection Continuum at her studio, in which we revelled in how some of the collection reflects what happens with water is played with and how it transforms the object. This year at Decorex, they will be showcasing their beautiful Marble Natural design in fabric, wallpaper and floor vinyl. So if you’re a marble fanatic, be prepared- the stand will be marbled out from head to toe. This inspiring texture is one of the hottest trends right now, and with their design solution, they will be able to offer clients a product that is on-trend, affordable and most importantly – a showstopper. The rest of the Continuum collection will also be showcased, presenting affordable, luxurious fabrics that will cater to any design need.   Contact: Tessa Sonik


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