St Leger & Viney: Contemporary Two Collection

The new Contemporary Two wallpaper collection from St Leger & Viney was originally designed in the 1950’s by various artists that were inspired by the post-war period. Available in a variety of colours, the theme of this collection is bold colour with vintage design. This paradoxical collection becomes modern with the use of foiling and use of exciting colour palettes. We see ornate patterning in some pieces as well as a rather contemporary look and feel in others. This is an all-encompassing collection that promises to blend the old with the new in a sophisticated and elegant manner. Each of these feature wallpapers would work perfectly as the backdrop of a single wall. No matter the style of your space, this collection promises to fulfill what St Leger & Viney embody: different, luxurious and on-trend pieces that survive time and place. Have a look at a few of our favourites here: View the entire collection here.


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