St Leger & Viney: The Baker Lifestyle Carnival Collection

A fabulous mix of botanical and ethnic prints, zingy embroideries and superb cut velvets comprise the newest Carnival Collection, available through innovators, St Leger & Viney. Carnival can provide either hot and vibrant or cool, contemporary interiors with a mix of stunning fabrics for every occasion.

Cushions (from left ): Carnival Garden – Peacock, Jamboree – Tropical, Calypso – Tutti Frutti, Montserrat – Tropical

Let’s take a closer look at what is on offer: ‘ORINOCO’ captures the spirit of the collection, a sensational painting of exotic pineapples, palm trees, flowers and birds with a vintage map of South America as a backdrop.

Curtain: Orinoco – Tropical, Blinds: Carnival Plain – Parchment, Trim: Tango Braid – Aqua, Sofa: Melbury – Parchment, Cushions: Rozel – Stone, Orinoco – Tropical, Carnival Plain – Aqua Footstool: Caribana – Aqua, Chair: Carnival Plain – Pumice, Cushion: Salsa Diamond – Stone, Chair: Carnival Chevron – Tutti Frutti, Rug: Zig Zag – Teal

‘ROZEL’, taking its inspiration from a kilim rug, has two companions in ‘CARIBANA’ an appealing ikat motif and the soft geometric, ‘SALSA DIAMOND’. ‘SALSA SQUARE’, a small scale basket weave, works perfectly across the whole collection.

Chair: Rozel – Spice, Curtains: Salsa Diamond – Indigo

Punchy embroideries include the glorious ‘CALYPSO’ a lively patchwork composed of bright geometric patterns, ‘MONTSERRAT’ a superb large scale fantasy floral, ‘CARNIVAL GARDEN’ a very pretty ikat and ‘JAMBOREE’ with stunning splashes of embroidered colour.

Curtains: Carnival Garden – Peacock

Seven diverse velvets in glorious brights and tranquil neutrals, range from a rhythmic, broken flame stitch, ‘CARNIVAL CHEVRON’, and its companion ‘SAMBA STRIPE’ to the Art Deco inspired ‘JIVE’ and the extremely versatile ‘SALSA SPOT’.

LEFT top: Carnival Chevron – Tutti Frutti, Tango Texture – Red, Jive – Ochre, Samba Stripe Tutti – Frutti Jive – Teal, Square Dance – Tutti Frutti MIDDLE Top: Salsa Two Spot – Teal, Square Dance – Silver, Jive – Teal, Carnival Chevron – Silver Samba Stripe – Indigo, Tango Texture – Teal RIGHT From top: Salsa Spot – Silver, Samba Stripe – Silver, Jive – Parchment, Salsa Two Spot – Silver Square Dance – Silver, Tango Texture – Parchment, Jive – Silver

Following the highly successful launch of the Baker Lifestyle ‘Notebooks’ another three have been added: ‘MONTPELLIER’ a truly opulent velvet in thirty two mouth-watering colours, ‘CADOGAN’ and ‘MELBURY’, one a beautiful tweed and the other a soft, marled chenille and ‘CARNIVAL PLAIN’, a very practical cotton mix. These stylish fabrics, multi-purpose and washable, work in harmony with all collections and are ideal for both domestic and contract use. Four smart trimmings are a terrific addition: ‘CARNIVAL BRAID’, an embroidered diamond trellis, ‘SAMBA BRAID’, a pretty picot, ‘SALSA BRAID’, a little cut velvet spot and ‘TANGO BRAID’, a dashing decorative stripe. Informal and accessible, this is a collection designed for spirited, modern living.

For more visit St Leger & Viney.


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