Romo: Wall coverings come to life

  In one room, just one room, there are generally four walls. So think about how many walls an apartment or house has, and imagine its potential for colour, for design, for artistic flair, mosaics or illustrations. We are fortunate to live in an age where there are machines that will print on any material from a design made on the computer, and the result is detailed, in a high resolution and a vibrancy in colour that fuels the energy of a space.

Nowadays, we get the most transformative designs for rooms. Wall coverings are no longer dense, subdued or kitsch, they are evolved, with strong concepts and features. There are several styles out there that have been formulated to fit and ‘zoosh’ a space up, such as the gravure technique, a world-class printing method for achieving maximum detail and tone, or hand printed wallpapers inspired by a certain style. Restaurants and hotels always want to glamourise their spaces. From black and white illustrations to 3D prints, they cover the gamut of noteworthy, bold styles. In contrast to this, some people prefer a very organic engaged space, where wall coverings highlight nature’s beauty, so it looks like stone, minerals, fossils and woods and sprawled across the room.
If you’re looking for a little artisanal tone, then go with grasscloths, corks, barks, and even glass-based wall coverings and shimmering metallics, or looking for a calmer, more fluid look, they try watercolours. No matter which direction you go in, the idea is to play around with designs, prints and looks. That way, you’ll see which wall covering fits which wall the best. Be Inspired here with the latest collection from Romo South Africa and Romo


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