Misia from Hertex

Misia was born out of out admiration for Florence and the desire to have the freedom to create a new, more intimate genre of luxury. The desire to offer a brand dedicated to all the influential people in the world of decoration. True to the standards of French sophistication, Misia decided to tap into the free and avant-garde world of the twenties: joyful and creative, provocative and daring, glamorous and refined. This is the philosophy and common thread that has run through the project from its inception. The name Misia was an obvious choice; sensual and feminine, it evokes the gaiety and joy unique to Paris at the time. Misia is also a woman, our muse, our inspiration: Madame M, the M in Misia. She lives, communicates and designs in today’s world. When she writes about her news, it is as a tribute to the twenties: she enjoys imagining living at that time… And she reinterprets it in ultra-modern way. Hence each one of the Misia collections comes from a new artistic, cultural, and emotional experience. Every collection strives to tell a story and abounds in anecdotes, travel, and dreams. It was self-evident that the first collection would be inspired by Paris, the cradle of the arts and design at the beginning of the twentieth century, and it is only the first step on the journey! Florence V. gave great thought to the spectrum of colours in these first collections, taking particular care to select and associate the colours she loves. The materials in the limelight are metallised voiles, textured silks, laminated velvets, materials that reflect light, fur, satin shine that hang even more voluptuously. To establish a tradition of excellence, the Misia brand pays very special attention to the provenance of its materials and how its fabrics are made. Its weavers are from Europe and selected with the utmost care. In choosing to associate with partners from India, the brand is also able to celebrate and support one of the country’s most ancient skills: producing precious silks. Misia favours a classic and iconoclastic approach which resembles the beauties of yesterday, today and tomorrow, and is available at Hertex Fabrics, a leading South African supplier of fabrics and home décor products to the furnishing and design industry.

Visit: www.hertex.co.za


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