Home Fabrics: Cosmos-Saison Collection

Home Fabrics is proud to hold the Zimmer & Rohe brand. This family-owned textile business has been in operation since 1899, no easy feat considering the changing nature of business in the last century. The ability of Zimmer & Rohe to adapt to the changing social and lifestyle waves across the globe, while still remaining true to their penache for quality textiles that are as relevant today as they were over 100 years ago. Introducing the Cosmos-Saison range by Etamine (carried by Zimmer & Rohe) is the combination of the concept of the unknowable yet fascinating interplay between seasons and the cosmos. No doubt everyone of us has contemplated the cosmos while starring at the night sky. For centuries mankind has both questioned and marveled at the mysterious and infinite workings of nature and our place in the Milky Way. Celebrated and oftentimes feared, this collection takes it’s inspiration from the universal fascination with what is nothing more than the earth spinning around the sun, set against a backdrop of infinite possibilities. Embroidered and woven designs and prints abound in the Cosmos collection. This range honours the universality of colours that changes with the seasons. Meanwhile, the Saison collection is an ode to nature, with relaxed and elegant charm. Bright neutrals, soft colours and natural textiles such as silk and wool underpin the collection. Charm and tradition are the backbone of this collection.

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