HERTEX: the grand old lady

The iconic HERTEX Pretoria showroom, more commonly known as the grand old lady, recently underwent a make-over in celebration of its fifth birthday. Although five years is not a very long time, the showroom comes with a rich architectural and cultural history. Originally built for General Louis Botha’s daughter and her husband in 1903, today – more than 100 years later – the space still embodies this homely charm and elegance– fitting to house HERTEX’s exquisite collections. The large building on the premises has been used up until now to showcase our additional product ranges. To add value to our customers’ experience and accommodate growing fabric demands, the company recently extended its showroom to include a separate shop for special imports, rugs and home décor essentials such as throws, blankets, cushion inners and wallpaper. This addition captures the classic building style and character of the showroom but with interesting combinations of old and new to cater to a modern audience. Apart from this exciting expansion, HERTEX is equally delighted with the opening of The Baking Room – the brand’s new coffee shop. Here customers can enjoy delicious baked treats and soak up the inspiring surroundings. Together with the lush and beautiful garden, elegant architecture, and our sublime product ranges, the Pretoria showroom offers a relaxing and stylish escape into a creative décor and textile world. Stop by for your dose of interior inspiration, expert advice, and caffeine boost, and whilst browsing our showrooms, also keep an eye open for HERTEX’s latest import range, the Spanish inspired James Malone.

Visit: www.hertex.co.za


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